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Observing Turkish Art – Sert Kapak

Observing Turkish Art – Sert Kapak

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Observing Turkish Art

In this book, the development of Turkish Art is traced through works from the İşbank Art Collection, one of the most comprehensive and oldest collections in Turkey.

According to the initial inventory records, the Collection began to be established in 1940. Over the years, the Collection has been consciously enriched with selectively added new works and continues to grow today. This multifaceted Collection, reflecting the core values of İşbank, has directed the bank towards the foundation of a significant art museum, the İşbank Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

Designed as two volumes, the Collection book addresses the phases of Contemporary Turkish Fine Arts from the nineteenth century to the present, exemplified by works from the İşbank Art Collection.

In the First Volume, the historical development, milestones and the factors leading up to them are presented, showcasing the overarching artistic context. Highlighted within are artists and their works, representing significant periods of artistic evolution. In the Second Volume, all the works in the Collection are presented with their visuals and detailed descriptions.

This carefully curated Collection, nurtured over many years, generously reveals its depth to discerning observers. Tracing back to the nineteenth century, it follows the trajectory of artists in Türkiye who forged a unique representational tradition. Following their journey, marked by challenges and deprivations, yet equally fueled by passion and desire and consistently highlighted with determination and vibrancy is like embarking on a surprising and enchanting journey. Grasping this panorama, one recognizes the enduring momentum that threads through this journey.

It underscores that art, an intrinsic societal need, continually thrives, propelled by the deep-seated passion of those who dedicate themselves to its evolution across eras.

Orijinal Adı
: Observing Turkish Art
Orijinal Dili
: İngilizce
Kağıt Bilgisi
: Kuşe - Renkli
: 2023
: 9786254295607
: 23,5
: 33,5
Sayfa Sayısı
: 440

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