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Turkey from Space as Viewed by Astronauts

Turkey from Space as Viewed by Astronauts
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Turkey from Space as Viewed by Astronauts;

Throughout the more than 40-year history of manned spaceflight, astronauts have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs of Earth from orbit. Turkey, with its volcanic mountains, beautiful rivers and lakes, more than 8,000 km of shoreline, straits and an inner sea, is one of the most beautiful countries on the Earth’s surface. Featuring more than 200 photographs taken by astronauts on board five space shuttles, the International Space Station and Mir Space Station, this book tells the past and present of a land that is literally the cradle of many civilizations.

“Dr. Üstün Aydıngöz has produced a remarkable book about a remarkable land. Turkey from Space as Viewed by Astronauts captures with great accuracy and sensitivity the fantastic landscape of one of the most photogenic countries on Earth. … Until a Turkish astronaut ascends into space and describes Turkey in poetic words, Dr. Aydingoz’s fine book gives us both the inspiration and the reason to be responsible stewards of this lovely planet.”

-Dr. Jay Apt
NASA Astronaut (retired)

: 2004
: 9789754585735
: 27,5
: 31
Sayfa Sayısı
: 228

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